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Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry I've been so....absent.
I've been busy with my dad's wedding after Gage was sick, and well, just busy.

I promise to update soon.
I'll leave you with these.



At 9:40 PM , Blogger Rikki said...

Okay, need to know what happened to Gage's head....

At 10:18 PM , Blogger The Browns said...

Awww, momma's boy!

At 4:28 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Absence excused - you made up for it with these sweet mother/son pics!

At 4:51 AM , Blogger Judy said...

I feel your pain...not the dad-getting-married part, but the life-moving-at-warp-speed part. Good pics, even if it looks like Gage's forehead kissed the corner of a door there.

At 6:36 AM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Gage's forehead:
scene: our back patio
main characters: Gage & Bonnie
action: wrestling
perceived climax: Gage tips forward & scrapes forehead on flagstone patio
Gage's emotional climax: the peppermint in his mouth fell onto the patio when his mouth opened to cry about the scrape---in a split second, Bonnie gobbled it up.

So....Gage cried forever about the peppermint, not about the scrape. Of course, we didn't have a single other peppermint in the house!
.....good times.

At 6:54 AM , Blogger lisa said...

Well, I'm glad to know he's feeling better at least . . .even if it's sans peppermint!


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