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Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Smile Finder...

...Gage is always my smile finder.

Today's rap:
"I like Pepsi, and I cannot lie;
You othah brothahs can't deny,
When your mom walks in with a 2 liter bottle
& a sippy cup in your face
You want some!"
....okay, I always swore that I would not be one of those moms who let their kid drink soda from a bottle or sippy cup. Well, I never put soda in my kid's bottle...but, I will give him soda in a sippy. Call me a bad mom. I don't really care.

So, last night was our 5 year anniversary.
In light of all the recent happenings around here, we just didn't really feel like keeping our reservations for the annual anniversary dinner at Hattie's. So, we ended'll love this....eating at Luby's & then running to the video store. We rented so many movies that we earned a free 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. So, that's where the rap comes in. And, feel free to dance around your own house, belting it out to the tune of 'Baby Got Back.' Lord knows there has been PLENTY of it around here between me & Gage.

Life has a sick, sick, sick, twisted sense of humor sometimes. 5 year anniversary. What's the gift for 5 years? Wood. I picked up Eddie's ashes in his wooden urn box yesterday on our 5 year anniversary. I hope the gift for 6 years isn't like a Bentley or something. As much as I'd love to have one---I'd end up getting run over by one instead. That's just kind of the way things work out sometimes...

Over the past....mmmm....week....or lifetime....whatever.....I've been kind of dwelling on the negative side of things. At least I recognize the problem. Oh, it's admitting the problem. You know---whatever the "first step" is. Anyway, back to my point: I'm ready for 2008 to end. I've pretty much decided that the family newsletter this year will be a photograph of me & Hubby giving the finger, and the caption will read "F*** You, 2008. Bring on 2009!"
....of course, that may be a direct challenge to Life, and we may get bitch slapped in 2009, so maybe we shouldn't....

So....I already mentioned what we did last night..., trip to the mall...late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant in Lakewood called "Angelo's", and then a trip to the park. Now we're home.

Angelo's Review....because I feel obligated to do so:
- There's $57 I can't get back.
- If you are going to coat all of the ingredients of my dish in red pepper flakes, why not mention them AS AN INGREDIENT on the menu? I would have loved to know, meal, but my lips were so on fire, that it didn't really work out for me. When I told the waiter that tad bit of information, his response was, "Oh."
- When your first response at a new restaurant is "WE should write Gordon Ramsay for that show KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. I wonder what he could do with this place." ....well, when that's your first impression to the restaurant, maybe it's just better if you get tea, appetizers, and move on.
- The problem with trying a new place on a whim: you haven't really done any research. It can look like a $$$$ place, and not be that expensive. It can look like a $-$$ place, and end up costing a lot more. Welcome to Angelo's. It looked like it would likely cost less than Sbarro Pizza, but really, the cheapest thing on the menu is over $12. Oh---wait. That's not right. You can get a soda or tea for less than $12.
Okay...there's my review on Angelo's.
Don't Miss It! or Skip It! ????

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At 6:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can my sister and I get in on the F*ck u 2008 card pic? I know exactly how you feel...I pray 2009 is a better year for us all.

Did you ever see the "friends" episode where Rachel sings "Baby Got Back" to her baby. Your story reminds me of that! I love it! Of course now I am signing the song in my head. LOL!

At 6:38 PM , Blogger angie said...

I agree with Patty...can you send a F U 2008 card my way...I think that might just be hilarious!!! I guess I have to say that I liked 2008 though because I got married this year!

On a completely other note that has nothing to do with this post...I want you to know that while I was sitting at the DMV yesterday changing my name I saw a poster about never leaving a child in or around a car unattended. I will have you know that when I read that poster, I thought of Riley. Thanks for sharing his someone that never had the chance to meet him thinks of him just from seeing a poster. I think that's a great thing!!

At 10:19 PM , Blogger Mojavi said...

seriously I am all over the FU 2008 card!!!!
Happy anniversary!

Also I have given Kya soda in a cup... with a lid... and a straw... ok screw it.. in a sippy! lol

At 7:13 AM , Blogger Kaycee said...

LOL! First, love the rap! Second, I hear ya on the anniversary gifts. We never get cool gifts.

Happy Anniversary!

At 9:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LAINE! Angelo's is one of our FAVORITE restaurants in the whole wide worrrrrrrld! You must go back and give it a try. Did you not like the garlic knot rolls dipped in marinara sauce? Chris and I always get the Crab Ravioli, and their Pizza is just yummy! What did hubby have? Did he not like it either?? You are the only person that I know that didn't like that place :(

At 10:06 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

That rap is great! Little Elvis gets to drink some of my coke from straws sometimes, and although the fizzies surprise him, he usually won't let me have my drink back.
I'm sorry you guys had such a rough year and hope that next year is so much better! We had some definite rough patches this year as well.

At 11:57 AM , Blogger Reason to Rejoice! said...

I am wondering if this Angelo's is one of the chains. There is an italian place in Irving called Angelo's and it is pretty good. It as a 7 layer lasagne that is pretty yummy. Don't know if it is or not, but...just curious! Okay, so 2008 hasn't totally gained a friend!!! =)

At 2:33 PM , Blogger Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

At 6:30 PM , Blogger ~melinda~ said...

sorry, doll, about your horrible-no-good-very-bad couple of days. one of my kids was gage's age when each of our two bassets died. it was hard but they bounce back fast....

hang in!

At 7:09 AM , Blogger Jiff said...

Ugh. Last year was like that for us. I just wanted it OVER. This year has been a lot better but only because I had my first baby. :)

And I HATE when a new place sucks. It totally ruins my mood. Cause you go in all excited and hungry...and then you're let down and you aren't hungry anymore but you def aren't satisfied.

At 9:47 AM , Blogger Pam said...

I have to agree with "reason to rejoice" - we became friends this year. It hasn't been a great year for us either, but I am really thankful to have met you and the hubs this year. You guys are the BEST!

Hey... thanks for inviting me to walk to the park yesterday evening. I needed that!


At 10:36 AM , Blogger Shea said...

Hi there!

I came across your blog while searching for someone and I just think it's great! You made me laugh out loud! I'm so sorry about your dog. It can be one of the hardest things. I hope time heals some of your pain.
Thanks for letting me share in your story.


At 4:27 PM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your holiday letter idea, can I use it?

At 8:13 PM , Blogger Robin said...

Happy 5 year Anniversary!!

At 8:44 PM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

I tagged you at my blog.


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