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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, yesterday evening, Gage kept taking me to this one area of the kitchen, pointing up, and whining, as if he wanted something.
I could NOT figure out what he was wanting. There was nothing edible up there. Nothing particularly shiny, other than the toaster. So, I put him on my hip & he points to a bowl. It's a ceramic bowl that my mother glazed. It has grapes all over it.

I handed him the bowl & he was sooooo happy!
And then...he said, "Trapes." And pointed to the painted grapes on the side.
Then, he started licking the bowl.
Licking the not-real-grapes that were painted on the bowl.
Oh, it was too cute.

I explained that the grapes were not real. He then took me to the fridge & begged me to open it. Of course I did...& he pulled out the fruit & veggie drawer. He pulled out the bag of cherries (the bag is now ALMOST empty!). I pitted the rest of the cherries for him, and he yummed them up.

He just loves cherries & "Trapes."



At 4:51 PM , Blogger Kila said...

Hooray for him for liking healthy food :) "Trapes"--that's cute. My kids used to say "Wapes".

At 12:08 AM , Blogger tAnYeTTa said...

perfect! and trapes are good for him :)

At 7:22 AM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

Congrats on your 4.0!
I love trapes, my son calls every kind of melon "wadamelon" even if I tell him it is cantalope or honeydew.

At 2:58 PM , Blogger zirelda said...

Trapes. Ok. He's gotta be a cute kid.

At 2:59 PM , Blogger Jenster said...

So sweet. Soak it all up. :o)

At 4:36 PM , Blogger Shauna said...

Too cute.


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