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Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother's Day....Part 2....

So, I've caught you all up to speed on how I spent the 1st half of my Mother's Day at the beach, in a lighthouse, and at a fort from the Civil War.

After that....sight-seeing in Savannah.

There were some BEAUTIFUL churches there...

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension

Independent Presbyterian Church

So from there, we took a pedi-cab down to River Street.
What's a pedi-cab???
Here's a pic of one:

So, we went down to River Street that is just full of shops & restaurants, and it's on the River so you see the boats go by. It's a fun OLD place to be. It's where they used to set prices & trade cotton.

And here is a big, HUGE boat going by with those cargo containers like they pull on 18-wheelers...yeah, this ship was loaded down with them like they were Gage's little building blocks.

And then we went to River Street Sweets...

According to, River Street Sweets is Savannah's oldest candy store.

The Peanut Brittle was so yummy!

And so then....we hit the Savannah Candy Kitchen.
(mmmm...detecting a theme here???)

From what I read, The Savannah Candy Kitchen is the largest candy store in the South.

And boy---did they ever have a lot to choose from. There was wall-to-wall candy. It was awesome.


Just walking around...different shops & businesses....

Check out these steps. They were huge & steep.
Not super-easy for me, and Gage never would have made it!

And...then....we ventured into this random shop with all kinds of random things...and right there, before my very eyes....

I couldn't believe it. I giggled a bit & moved on.
But oh so funny to me.

We had dinner at Spanky's Riverstreet.
Excellent burgers. Mine was topped with green olives...oh so very yummy!

So then...we went on a HAUNTED Savannah tour.

I really wish that I could explain the voice of our trolley driver/trip storyteller.
It was just so fitting.

The concept is kind of cheesey, kind of fun.
Well, in the end---it was fun.

We went to Kehoe House in Savannah (, which, is actually where Megan & Stephen spent the night on their wedding night.

[please forgive the horrible picture] was a funeral home up until 1963...and now it's a hotel...and apparently---it's quite haunted!

We saw some other haunted places & heard all kinds of haunted stories...
We went to the Sorrel Weed House, which was featured on a GhostHunters show on the Sci-Fi channel...which, I'd seen prior to our Savannah trip....b/c we're kind of weird & nerdy like that.

It was soooo cool to see this stuff on the Sci-Fi channel, and then be in the same house. It was weird & cool! the basement of the Sorrel Weed House

When the haunted trolley tour ended, we were so curious about the Colonial Park cemetery. So, what happened? We went to a haunted cemetery at night.
Oh my!

Um, it was closed. We could see through the fence...but we put it on our list of things to do on Monday.

Good day.
Long, but good!



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