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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Because...

Just's been a while.
This is the little montage of Baby Gage for the 1st year of his life.
I really abandoned this project many months ago & have not finished it. And, the more I think about it---the more I don't like the last song. I think I picked it at random. it is...again.
It was fun to watch after not seeing it for so long, and to just see how he has changed, and yet at times looks the EXACT's just bizarro.
Oh! My Little Boy!!!!
I just want to hug him, and squeeze, and never let him go!



At 4:57 PM , Blogger Maria said...

Ah...Lainey. He is such a beautiful little boy. And those eyes! He smiles right up to his eyes.

At 5:55 AM , Blogger MamaLee said...

He's such a sweet doll. Eat him up for me!

At 6:41 AM , Blogger Lizzie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Gage has always been one of my favorite names!!

At 12:16 PM , Blogger Mummy M said...

That us such a lovely thing to do. What a star Gage is!


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