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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do You Believe in Magic???

So...I'm magic.
I don't know when I became magic, I just know that I am...
Or, at the very least, my kisses are magical.
Just ask Baby Gage.
When he falls, or bumps his head, or steps on something...He makes a bee-line for his Mama & my magical kisses.
My kisses apparently calm, cure & heal. Who knew?
I don't know when it happened...but I love it.
I love it that he runs to me when he hurts.
I love it that he cuddles & snuggles with me to feel better.
To me, it just is one of the best things about being a mom.

I'm magic.
I've got Mommy Magic!



At 4:45 PM , Blogger amyerj said...

Funny how the magic never goes away... my mom is 7 inches shorter than me, but her magic just moved up around her shoulders. Or her lap... sometimes I just lay (lie?) my head down in it and she strokes my hair if I'm feeling punky. Still works. =)

At 7:38 AM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

So sweet, my son who is 3 also thinks I am magic and at times my daughter who is 8 still believes I am magic.


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