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Monday, July 31, 2006


Gage has 5 teeth now.

He bites. He bit my breast over the weekend---yes, apparently they are still large enough to get in his way, and apparently at some point were hanging in the path of his mouth (yes, hanging).

So, I have a dime-sized bite mark on my body. Thanks Gage.

He also bites other people, so I dont feel so bad. My husband does like to laugh about the fact that Gage just seems to open his mouth & head for my skin. Biter....

He routinely sharpens his teeth here:

...on the rail of his crib.

They make these plastic things that you can put there & the kids chew on that instead. To me--what's the difference? He's going to chew on either one of's not like he's getting splinters in his lips or anything....
(oh sh*t, I better go check his lips & gums now....what if he is getting splinters???)'s another fun thing...
We put these baby cabinet lock things on the cabinet doors in the kitchens. They go on the outside of the handles & link the two pulls together like a u-lock. Well...Gage has one cabinet that happens to be his favoriet. MomMom (that's me) will let him play in there quite a bit b/c it's just tupperware & mostly plastic stuff in there. But, alas, we've now locked the cabinet. Gage wouldnt stand for it. He jacked with the lock, jacked with it, & jacked with it some more. Until---he broke it. He wasnt able to open the cabinet...but then neither were Mommy & Daddy. Daddy FINALLY was able to get the broken lock off his cabinet.
For now Gage, you win. The cabinet & its contents are all yours.


At 12:10 PM , Blogger CBM said...

About the boob bite... OUCH!

As for the crib rail cover... I think that's to protect your crib from the damage a little one can inflict more than it is to protect your little one from the splinters he might conjur up! He'll stop chewing things for teething eventually!! Hang in there. :)


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