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Friday, July 28, 2006

Some Firsts...

Looking over some things...making a list of some of Gage's "Firsts"...

This is really a list of "random firsts"....

09/29/5 1st stroller ride
12/04/5 1st sat in Santa's lap
12/24/5 1st held his own bottle
12/25/5 1st time he rolled over on his own
01/22/6 1st felt raindrops
01/24/6 1st ate jarred baby food
01/31/6 1st found & grabbed his feet
03/16/6 1st crawled
03/20/6 1st tooth popped through
04/02/6 1st trip to the Dallas zoo
05/01/6 Said his 1st word, "No!"
05/13/6 1st said "DaDa"
05/22/6 1st said "MaMa"
05/27/6 Licked the floor for the 1st time
06/23/6 1st trip to the park
06/24/6 Attended a wedding for the 1st time
06/25/6 Ate cake for the 1st time
07/05/6 Got his 1st black eye
07/26/6 Ate Chinese food for the 1st time & got his 1st Fortune Cookie!

:) there are some RANDOM Baby Gage Firsts!


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