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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stuck inside? Nevahhhhh!!!!!

I am determined to get this blog caught up to real time! snowed here. (a while ago now....) We had snow days.

Daddy got a make-over.

Eliette's also a hairstylist (though, as her client you are subjected to her limited styling skills and plastic cutlery as the tools of her trade).

...and nails.... She's clearly a full service salon!

While snowed in, there was some hardcore gaming going on...

...and little hide-and-seek (Mommy's least favorite game, though these little sweet feet were pretty fun to find)....
(In the above pic: elbow peeking out on the left, itty bitty feet on the right. So cute!)

Snow days... So fun when you're little.

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