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Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Dollars for Doggies."

Or, "Cash for Cats" ....or "Coins for Kitties"....

So, I'm in this group in our area. It's an Early Childhood PTA. We have monthly meetings, monthly philanthropy support, kid activities, and small playgroups.... the monthly meetings, someone signs up for table decor, and I kind of run wild with that. I can't help myself! I love it. Usually on my kiddo birthday party themes, I go all out, so this stuff is just fun and entertaining for me.

So this one particular month, the philanthropy was the local animal shelter. I carried that over into the table decor.

We have kind of a potluck every meeting and various people bring brunch items.

Now----behind the scenes of all of this fun decor, my husband deserves a MOUNTAIN of credit.
Who made the dog houses out of cardboard? My husband.
Who made the doggies out of twisty balloons? My husband.
Sooo....this week in particular, the speaker was a local personality from a faith based radio station that I listen to. I was soooo excited!
Sadly, it was a time of rampant illness around here, and the meeting wasn't as full as it normally is. Eliette didn't get to go---she was still recovering and we didn't want her spreading germs or catching something else.... So, I was solo that day. Still, I'm so glad that I got to go!



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