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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time Out & the Pop Tart Phone.

This was Eliette's first time in "Time Out." Daddy put her there. What had she done to warrant time out? At this point, I can't remember....but I think it was for throwing a fit. I know that by the time Daddy reached the "you're going in time out" point, she was already fully in a fit.

So how did it go?
Well, we decided 2 minutes, since she's almost two.

Two minutes came and went.
She sat there. She stayed right there, and kept right on fit-throwing, well past 2 minutes. I think she hardly noticed that she was in time out.

...and then her little fit petered out. She went to the pantry, got a pop tart, and promptly starting making calls to tell of how poorly she'd been treated.

 Silly girl.... growing up is hard. Obeying is hard.



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