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Monday, March 30, 2015

Round 1, Continued.....

Let me just tell you----Round 1 of the tummy bug LINGERED. Brother started to not feel well. Luckily, he didn't have it as bad as Sister.

 But, just when we thought she was on the mend, the symptoms would start up again.
Finally, the doctor gave us Zofran for off-label use of 1/2 a melty at a time. It's such an EASY delivery method, and yet, Sister hated it and somehow found the strength of an ox to fight us when it was time to take it.

 Brother? Video games and hydration helped.

Eventually the symptoms slowed down for both of them, and we were FINALLY on the mend. Little did we know that this would still just be Round 1 of the Tummy Bug. (though, really, it was probably two different tummy bugs for 2015 or two different strains of the Norovirus, but hind sight is 20/20, and it doesn't really matter at this point....)

Sister was a lethargic weakling at her first tummy virus visit to the dr, where we ran though all 5 diapers in the diaper bag. This time, she was clearly feeling MUCH better.

What's she doing in the above picture? Throwing away some trash, and then naturally she took to PLAYING with the trash can, and this may actually be a photo of her contracting the virus for Round 2 from the doctor's office. (Yes, I heavily sanitized  her hands right after this picture. )

And then what happened? As I was setting up her well-child visit and checking out, she treated the sucker basket as her own personal taste-test station. She tasted all of the yellow ones and then threw them away. They were opened, stuck in her mouth, and promptly thrown away. I had to stop her! She was fast! She tore through four before I could handle on it. Silly Nilly Girl....

Needless to say, she took one for the road and was a sticky mess by the time we got home. Hot Mess Eliette. Gotta love her.

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