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Monday, February 23, 2015

UPDATE on Eliette's Kitchen.

So, you can read the first post about Eliette's re-designed Ikea kitchn here.

Here's the remodel in a nutshell----left is how it comes, right is what we did to change it up a bit.
Above: how it sits today. Phone on top---came from my sweet Mema's house. The mixer? A gift from her Jessica. Red double decker bus? From when Megan lived in London. Red chicken on the right cubby? Part of a gift from Darnin to Daddy, but she hijacked it for her kitchen. Most of the inner kitchen goodies? Gifts from Santa and Memaw. We mounted a pot rack to the upper left side (Thank you, Darnin!). The bottom left has a real, working mailbox. The keys are attached to the side of the kitchen with a small chain. I'm thinking---work on those fine motor skills with the locks and flaps, but let's not lose the keys okay?

On this day in particular, it was laundry day. Sister-Sue decided to help with the socks. She put them all in a shopping basket, and then tried to mail them to someone.

"Bye bye, socks!"

....silly girl.



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