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Monday, February 23, 2015

She's a helper.

I could write this post about all that Daddy's been building and doing around the house...but I would be remiss to not mention what a helper Miss Eliette has turned out to be. {helper or hindrance? still debating that....}

So, Hubby built us this "landing zone" area with a built in charging station for ipods, ipads, and iphones. Yay!!!

Top part, finished! I added the magnetic chalkboard and those are magnetic clips. {See the not-straight one? It drives me nuts that it wasn't straight in this picture. Grrrrr!} We've since added a monthly calendar, invites to various things have come and gone, and a little bit of school work and Sunday School work. Yay for Mommy's new happy-place!
Hubby also put this little area in by the front door:
As you can see---Eliette helped all along the way.

  ...and then there's THIS:

Oh, how I love our new table. LOVE it. My husband made that. HE MADE THAT. He's also making split-benches to match. We may do benches on one side and chairs on the other. We'll see....

Sister doesn't let her help end there... She also helps Mommy vacuum. Sweet girl....
 ...and she'll use a baby wipe, Kleenex, paper towel, or bit of cloth to clean just about anything!
Jack with the blinds and move ALL of the pillows off the window seat? Sure. No problem for this toddler. She's so helpful....

Wouldn't trade her for a thing though!



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