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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas Cards....

So, these are by no means all of the holiday cards we've sent in the past. I didn't find all of them at the same time, so there's that....
But oh well. This was fun to look back over some of our holiday cards. I do have to reference "holiday" for the cards because I have been known to send New Year's cards rather than Christmas cards because sometimes---it's just hard to get myself together and get them sent out before Christmas!

So here are a couple from the past.....

(Yes, they are pictures of pictures and you can see the flash....oh well....)
Oh, my sweet boy was so little!

Cards from this year:
So, after I started on the Christmas cards, I realized that I didn't order enough and I realized that I wanted to send some cards but couldn't find or didn't have the addresses....good times.
Ordered more cards. But----ordered a different set because initially when I designed the cards I was torn between two designs. So, when I did my reorder, I just ordered the different design.
2014: the year of two Christmas cards.
...and then----I never got around to getting those missing addresses.

To anyone who didn't get a holiday card from us this year---Ummm.....send me your address!

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