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Sunday, January 25, 2015

2nd Assisted Living Visit...

Gage and C had so much fun visiting the local assisted living and passing out holiday cards & candy canes, that they wanted to do it again! Gage's Gammy (my grandmother, his great-grandmother) lives in an assisted living facility in Dallas. He wanted to go there and combine a Gammy visit with a little cheer-spreading.

He enlisted C and R1 to go with us. I think Gammy was pretty pleased and excited!

She had a little party table set out so nicely for the boys. We brought a quick and easy lunch, and she provided the snacks. It was all very cute. She sat with the boys and told tales about her Christmas memories...during the good times and during the tougher times.... The boys paid attention and asked questions. It was all so nice!
Gammy made these little treat bags for the boys:
Then she said, "Let's take one of those selfies again."
(She's so fun.)

The boys found this ornament hanging on the tree and pretty much just marveled at "how old" it was. Ummm..... 1974? Not THAT long ago....Just sayin'.....To them, it was "like forever-ago."
They explored the chapel within the facility and thought that was "so neat."

 And then they walked around and tried to hand out a candy cane to every person they saw. It was sweet.

Gammy's assisted living has: an aquarium, several birds that you can visit with (they talk, and it's pretty fun), two bunnies, and residents can have their own pets if they can care for them. The kids like that when they visit. They have sculptures and art and you're encouraged to touch the art. They have an indoor pool. It's just a pretty fab place, and Gage thinks it must be so amazing to get to live there. For the holidays, they even had various balloon arrangements that were pretty neat.

The boys had a GREAT time, and were so well behaved. This was one proud Mama.


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