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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bahama Mama (Part II)

We were there in the Bahamas for several days, and one of our meals was in a restaurant named, Bimini Road, there in Atlantis' Marina Village.

Let me just say---Gage ordered the grouper fingers, and we promised him that they were just like fish sticks back home. He couldn't fathom a fish with fingers, but somehow, fish have sticks??? Exactly what part of the fish does he think he's eating?? Who knows...

Turns out: those grouper fingers were hands down the BEST food we had on our whole trip. Food at Atlantis? NOTHING to write home about. Seriously. Overpriced and not good...those things sum it all up.

What did I order at Bimini Road? Snapper. Why? Just so Gage could see me order and have delivered to our table, a fully cooked fish with its head on!

The Marina Village area, that comes alive at night with live music here and there, and drumming in a common area...
(...though it's very quiet in these was sprinkling, so I think that had something to do with it.)

Gage was thrilled to find the on-site arcade.....& Daddy was thrilled to find the Pac-Man.

Gage usually does not win at these "claw" games...but this time, he hit the jackpot, and won twice in a row. He was so excited.

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