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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fire Dept Open House

Gage had a blast at the fire department open house this year. He hopes to catch it every year from this point forward. It was also a bonding time for the two of us. Just us. It was great to get away and just focus on him for just a bit...

 There were inflatables, food, tours of the station, and tours of the fire trucks and engines...demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher...and then there was this: cutting into a car, and talking the crowd through it so that if you're ever in that situation you can see from the outside what they are doing. It's REALLY loud, so they kind of talk to the kiddos about that and not being scared if they're ever in that situation. They really did a good job of not just showing out on tearing up a car, but trying to reach out to the kids in the crowd.

But yes, in the end, Gage went away from it thinking about how cool it was to make a minivan into a convertible, instead of thinking about himself stuck in a mangled mini-van, and possibly needing to be cut out of there. His mommy's mind and heart? I watched this like a mommy, and just tried to hold back tears. (Let's keep in mind I'm also still quite hormonal! How long can I use that excuse reasoning?)



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