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Friday, November 29, 2013

Girlfriend Time! (10/11/2013)

Ahhhh, Megan's in town! We're all back together again....if only for a few hours on one afternoon. (sniff*sniff) Or rather, we were.... I'm still playing catch up on the blog....

That's Eliette in Megan's arms, and Susan's little boy, C, in her arms.

Clearly, both babies prefer to sleep ON somebody or IN somebody's arms. Can't really blame them, now can we?

When they were awake, it was fun to get them together on the little measuring blanket. Not that it really did much measuring for us because they were wiggly and got fussy, and I had to jet out of there to make it for school pick up....

C at 2 months old...
...with Eliette (4.5 months old). He's going in for the move....
Nope! Somebody's watching. Gotta be slick...pull the hand back....

Your big brother came in to chaperone you, C!

"It's okay, buddy."

Awwww...she's compassionate!
Orrrr...maybe she's the reason he was crying in the first place.
I choose to believe the first scenario.

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