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Friday, July 13, 2012

More from Tyler!

No trip to Darnin's would be complete without Gage taking at least one jacuzzi bath....per day. And some days he did more! {Poor PawPaw's Water Bill!}

So, Gage definitely took his share of jacuzzi baths.

What else did we do? We got to go to Tammy's birthday. Tammy is a friend of Darnin & PawPaw. PawPaw asked Gage if he wanted to go to her birthday party. He didn't think anymore about it---but Gage sure did! I had to let PawPaw in on something: to a 6 year old, a birthday party usually involves a bouncy house, balloons, a big cake, and entertainment of some sort...sometimes there's a pirate.... etc.
So, that became the big joke: this party needed a pirate! While at Target we (Gage, Darnin & I) got some pirate goodies so we'd be prepared for Tammy's party. She had no idea that she was getting a pirate-themed-birthday-bash.

We went over to Papa Cranzell's for a pool party. Gage had a BLAST! {He can't wait to go back!}

Tammy likes Umi, so she got to go too!

Gage had so much fun on the pool slide. I was so proud of him!

One of Darnin & PawPaw's friends came over in their McLaren. Gage was soooooo excited to see it and definitely wanted his picture made with it! {such a boy!} I am not a super car buff by any means. I'd never heard of a McLaren until that night. The only thing I knew associated with the Maclaren name were Maclaren strollers, and clearly---they are not the same & not spelled the same. Well, Gage was excited... I thought the car was sooooo neat. It was soooo small and so low to the ground. I equate it to a cross between the Bat-Mobile and a Barbie car!

That was a pretty late night for us, after a long day at Mema's. Let me tell ya---Gage slept so well! It was a great day. {A great time was had by all...}

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