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Friday, July 06, 2012

Power Outage & Gage's New Love....

Several weeks ago there was something wrong with a power pole near us. Many on our street were without power for hours. What did we do? We borrowed Monopoly from the neighbors and Gage was in LOVE. Within a few days we had to own our very own Monopoly game. He loves it!

We had cereal for dinner.... (though, I have a gas stove, so I probably could have cooked something....)

We all went outdoors and were hanging out with neighbors. Kids rode bikes. We chatted until it got too dark...

When we got back inside, Daddy lit a bazillion candles and we played on ipads and iphones until we got sleepy. The power came on in the middle of the night, and holy-bright-lights! We failed to realize that half the lights in the house were turned to the "on" position. Nice at 3 o'clock in the morning.... But hey---at that point, at least the a/c was back on!

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