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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grown Up Fun.

 A while back, we went out to dinner to celebrate James turning a year older. (I'm still younger than you, right???) We went out to dinner, and then for drinks & bowling. How cute are they??? Well, pardon the crappy iphone pics, but I didn't feel like whipping out the big camera.... At dinner, we had hibachi, and were sitting at the table with a bunch of prom kids. MAN, WE FELT OLD! They're all wishing they could order alcohol and what not, and we're talking about what time the babysitter needs to leave. We ARE the grown ups now. {When did this happen??????} But, we had a ton of fun!

Now, James & Jess knew that we were going bowling, but forgot socks. So, we had to stop by Jessica's place of worship: Target. Their new socks were so much fun!

 Hubby & I couldn't resist the cheesy "myspace" photo!
(although I look completely scary like I'm about to chomp down on something!)

So, that was a night of grown up fun....
Grown Up Fun = hibachi, argyle socks, cocktails, friends, & bowling
(in case you were wondering...)


At 2:09 PM , Anonymous JessN said...

Next time you & Damon will have to wear argyle socks too!!! We had so much fun :)


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