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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tornado Tuesday!

Many have emailed me to ask about the Texas tornadoes that came through here a while back. Yes, we are all okay. Yes, it was a wild weather day.

Gage was at school. I was at home watching the radar.

We got an email all-clear to head to the school to pick up our children after they initially delayed the dismissal.

It was eerily calm here...

Got to the school, and between my departure from the house and my arrival to the school, they started and then stopped dismissal because more storms were headed our way. They were waving us in & instructing us to leave our cars where they were and just come inside. Didn't have to tell me twice! I went in and Ms.P greeted me warmly and there was my sweet, smiling son.

It was hot in there. The kids were hot, and hungry, and thirsty, and all grabby with my purse. "Do you have candy?" "Do you have snacks?" "Did you bring us any drinks?" "Do you keep gum in your purse?" "Where's your iphone?" "Can I play on your iphone?" Ugh.
Some parents came in with younger siblings. They too were hot, thirsty, and some were crying.
Good times.

The mood was light and the kids were safe, so that was good.
It didn't get freaky until the lights were flickering.
It happened several times and the screams followed a half second behind the lights going off. It was difficult to tell if the kids were screaming or cheering. Perhaps the crowd was mixed.

Yes, we ALL got to assume the tornado-ready position...

The storms went over us, and the school was fine.

Two of my friends sent me hail pics; one from Rockwall, one from Forney.

Luckily---our neighborhood was spared.
Gage's school was spared.
We were all safe.

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