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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School Spirit Night.

A local indoor arcade/bowling/restaurant/all-kinds-of-awesome place had a school spirit night for Gage's school. We went and ran into some of the neighbors who were there too.

Fun, fun, fun for everyone!

Arcade games were a hit, of course...

(can you tell that Gage LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS that motorcycle game? He really gets into it. May this NOT be a part of our future: him on a real motorcycle trying to do all those stunts??!! No, thank you! I don't think my Mommy-heart can handle it!)

We all headed into the indoor speedway for some go-cart racing.

Someone wasn't quite tall enough to ride!

Pics of our crew racing....

So, what did we decide to do after that?
Bowling, of course!

Who won?
It's been so long now that I can't remember. Here's the screen shot I got when time was up...

It was a lot of fun that night.
I'm so glad we all got to go.
We were originally supposed to have a t-ball game that night, but the fields were muddy or it was cancelled for some other reason. So, at the last minute, we were able to go to Spirit Night. Yaaaay!


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