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Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter Celebration....One Weekend Later

Normally, we spend Easter @ PawPaw & Darnin's.
Well, this year, Easter weekend fell on a post-chemo weekend, so we decided to postpone the family celebration for a week.
But, Gage had a baseball game the weekend after Easter, so we relocated the celebration to our house, and everyone got to come to a game! Yaaaay!

As luck would have it, we played H's team. He's a little friend who lives here on Wisteria Lane with us.

Pics of Gage from the game...

Pics of H from the game...

Gage had his personal best game by tagging 3 outs. Yay! {Darnin, I think you were his good-luck-charm!}

Back at the Casa de Lainey-Paney, Easter festivities & decorations awaited our arrival home!

Tiff & Allen...

We cooked...and cooked...{my goodness...there was SO much stirring!}...and poor Darnin slept...

We had Jess, R, & R over as the daddy for their family was out of town. The boys LOVED the cupcakes for dessert {Yay me!}

After that, the neighbors went home...we all kind of settled in, and I made the French toast casserole to sit in the fridge overnight {Thanks, Courtney, for the recipe. It totally rocks!}...

....and when the boys woke up the next morning---they had Easter goodies from Darnin!

Needless to say, Trystan & Allen sleep later than Gage. And Allen was NOT excited about getting up. {..but thanks for doing it & attempting a smile in the early morning photos!}

...and then it was time for breakfast! YUM!!!!

It was a very busy 24 hours!
....but it was great!

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At 7:48 AM , Blogger Shoeaddict said...

I'd love that recipe!

I took a picture of the Camilla Grill last week to show you. But, I still haven't gotten it off of my phone. I will. Eventually. ;)

At 11:21 AM , Blogger Ginger said...

Recipe?!?! Can you post it?

Looks like a happy celebration! And those t-ball pics are beyond cute!

At 11:28 AM , Blogger JoAnna said...

The picture of Gage with the mitt waiting for the ball needs to be framed. That is so awesome! He looks Major League!


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