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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easter Sunday, 2011

Gage woke up bright & early Easter morning, to find that the Easter Bunny left him some FABULOUS treats!

And then, we headed outside to see that the Easter Bunny HID those eggs we dyed for him! And a few extras too!
Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny didn't count on the sprinklers being on outside, and it appears that he was limited to hiding the eggs on the front porch.
Gage didn't mind!

The last & final egg that was almost not found:

After that, we got dressed & headed down to Courtney's house for brunch & another egg hunt...

Clearly nobody wanted THIS egg...

We played around for a bit, and then the kids got to crack open their "fortune-eggs" that Courtney made. {How crafty is she?}

A great time was had by all...

And after the hunt and all the fun, we headed home for a quick batting session before lunch...

We had lunch over at James & Jessica's to celebrate James' birthday...
Sadly, I didn't take many pics that afternoon, but I managed to snap a picture of the cake before we all cut into it {it was delicious!}...

And our boys are now entranced with playing games on the iphone. Good times...

After lunch we all loaded up, loaded the boat up, and TRIED to head out to the lake. It was just toooooo windy, so that plan got cancelled. Instead, Jessica & I hit up some sales at Walgreen's. Yippy!

So, that was our very long, friend-filled day!

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