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Friday, April 22, 2011

Titans, Game 2

...This was our first game on a week night.
Game 3 was cancelled for weather, and we are set to play Game 4 this weekend.
So, that's where we stand on that!

Gage was soooo cute. I can't get over how cute it all is.

All was well in the Land of T-Ball, until Gage tried to get on 3rd...
The little boy from the opposite team who was assigned to 3rd base didn't seem to understand that he can't BLOCK the base. He didn't want Gage anywhere on his base!

Thank goodness for coaches to intervene!!

Here's my baby, heading back to the dug-out...

After the game with Mommy...

I didn't snap a pic with Gage & Daddy, but I can assure you--Daddy was there, coaching!
Oh, and even though they don't keep score, Damon assured me that our team won. Woohoo!

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