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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week from...Somewhere Else.

So, Monday---people get laid off in my dept.
Tuesday---drop my cell phone in the toilet.
Wednesday---eye doctor appt. that I was 30 minutes late for, and spilled coffee down the front of my cream-colored shirt while en route.

Doc: "better on one? better on two?"
Doc: "better on three? better on four?"
Doc: "better on five? better on six?"
Me: "Hey. You're 5 was 3 a minute ago. It wasn't better on 3, and it's not better on 5. I told you it wasn't better when it was a 3."
Doc: (laughing) "That's very perceptive of you."

the annual eye exam: it's like a test that you cannot study for, and yet, the answers are right there in front of you on the wall....if only I could read them.
....but then, when I get questions like---can you read line #5? I just want to scream---"No! I can't read it only with my right eye with lens #3, (or, #5, or whatever!), but I know that it reads "A P N Z 5" because it's the same freaking line I just read 2 seconds ago with my good eye!"

so frustrating.

Not my week so far.

On a good note: Sim card from the cell phone is not completely screwed up. Cell phone recently purchased in October is still not working well, but luckily I had my old phone here & the AT&T store changed over the Sim card & got me working today, and LUCKILY all the info was there! Yippy! So, that's good news.
I reeeeeally needed my phone to work today when I was running late to the eye doc & wanted to call them & tell them.
Oh well, they were very nice about it....and happily I can report that I don't have to have the eye-puff test again for at least 364 more days.


At 3:55 PM , Blogger She said...

Here's to BETTER WEEKS to come!

I hate that eye puff test! And I'm always making the doctor "go back again" so I can decide which is better. It's a royal pain!

I've not dropped my cell phone in the toilet, but I have dropped it in a glass of diet coke! And yep it died!

At 5:41 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

Ugghhh...the eye puff test is the worst! Actually next to the dentist, the eye doctor is the worst in general! Glad for you that it is done for a while! Hope the remainder of your week goes MUCH better!

At 10:42 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Sorry you had such a rough start to your week! I remember how frustrating those eye doctor appointments can be. For me, the biggest pain was the, "Your eyes got THAT much worse in one year? What are you doing?" Apparently extended wear contacts didn't mean that I never had to take them out. Oh well.


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