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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wednesday that Wouldn't End...

Yesterday was a horrible, horrible day.

Gage has been sick since Sunday. Cough/cold/congestion type stuff.Well, yesterday, Gage was worse, not better.

I was on the phone w/ the pediatrician's office on Tuesday b/c he's had allergic reactions to 2 different cough syrups that we tried since Sunday. Well, maybe he's allergic to them, or maybe something else is giving him hives, or maybe it's an immature immune system that is responding to illness. Yeah, all of that = Benadryl round the clock to rid his little body of hives, and one very sleepy/cranky/tired little boy for um....two days.

So, on Tuesday, the pedi office told me to call back if he got colored drainage or fever. Well, Wednesday morning---fever of 101.5 under his arm, so if you add a degree for their internal temp, that would be 102.5 in his little body. Do you really add the degree, or not? I heard that you do. I don't really 100% know, but either way---the boy had fever. Gave him Tylenol. Called the pediatrician---well, they were all booked up & couldn't get him in. Told me to take him to the urgent care clinic at Children's. Well, the last time we did that---it cost us about a thousand dollars in total b/c they are ALL out of network providers.

So, I called up to my ER to bring him up here. Get out to my car----the engine light comes on. I go to Walmart thinking that (1) they'd be open that early, and (2) maybe it's just an oil change I need. (I've had the car a little over a year lights have ever come on....) They said no, and sent me to Auto Zone to diagnose the problem w/ some little machine they had. Put the machine on, got some codes, and he told me to take it to a mechanic b/c the Auto Zone computer will generate the codes, but not decipher what the hell they mean for the make of my car. Go BACK OUT to the car, get Gage put BACK IN the carseat----my car wouldn't start. That was all before 9am. Auto-zone turned into hoodlum central, and there I am, with my sick kid. Hubby called his buddy/neighbor Mark, and Pam was home yesterday too. They came & got me, and let me borrow their car to take Gage to the hospital. Pam hooked my son up with a baggie of home-made cookies, and she hooked me up with a go-cup of delightfully sweetened coffee, bottle water for the ER wait, and her car. Could you really ask for more?

Meanwhile, Hubby was burning up the phone lines w/ Overseas Motors trying to decipher what in the world the codes mean. They said, "replace the battery, and it will reset itself."

So, before I head over to the hospital, Hubby asks me to go back to AutoZone & have them test the battery. They do. It's bad. I buy a new battery, that LOOKS like the one they just took out. Go outside (still, sick kid in tow), try to replace the battery, it's about a quarter inch to big to fit into the perfect little casing that Jaguar has placed so beautifully under the hood of the car. So, have to yank that sucker out, go back in, return the new battery, get my old one back, throw it back under the hood, wipe the black car stuff off my hands, lock the car, and load my sick kid back into Pam's car. Call the hubby & tell him that AutoZone doesn't carry this freaky-deaky sized battery to fit into my formerly-perfect-dream-car.

Hubby FINALLY located a battery across Dallas at a PepBoys. Kicker: I had my car keys with me, in another city b/c Gage was w/ me going to the hospital where I work.

Get to the hospital (finally). Get checked in. RSV test (Gage calls it "fishing for bookers" b/c it's a nasal swab test). Chest x-rays. RSV test comes back negative. Chest x-ray shows that he has pneumonia. Well, bronchiolitis with early pneumonia.
Lovely. AAAAND---the kicker: from Sunday to Tuesday he acted like he was sick. Wednesday, when he had more symptoms indicating illness---he was in the best mood, playful...he would tell you that he was sick or didn't feel well, but it certainly wasn't slowing the boy down. And, I suppose all the Benadryl on Mon/Tues may have really contributed to his evil-ness on those days... So, anyway...back to the Wednesday that wouldn't end.

FINALLY, around 4 or 5, Hubby picks up Mark. He's already picked up the battery for me (THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!) and we all meet up at AutoZone. The boys changed my battery, and the car was good to go. I stayed in Pam's car & took Gage to CVS & got his medicine. And TicTacs. The boy had been begging all day long for TicTacs. He was sooooo good all day, even when Mommy wanted to pull her hair out, he really did his best to be patient.

So, Mark & Hubby went back to Mark & Pam's.
Gage & I got our goods at CVS, and when I pulled up to Mark & Pam's----there was Mark, washing & drying my car for me.
Pam even fed me dinner before I went home.

Seriously, my terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day would have been so much worse if it had involved cab rides & tow trucks, and hundreds of dollars to the car dealership to replace a battery!

So, I suppose...if you look back on it....
I didn't have to cook at all yesterday. (Gage's breakfast usually consists of cereal or cooking there!)
I got to drive Pam's X5, which I've determined is now the official best car on earth. If I would change anything on it---I'd give it the turning radius of the Hummer that I test drove. Other than was fun to drive & I could sit up high, and see, and felt safe...
I got to see some of my work friends w/o the responsibility of working...
I had a super yummy dinner...
I got to go shopping (yes, I was only CVS & AutoZone, but still counts as shopping)...
I was right about my son: he may not act sick today, but I know that he is.
Gage took his medicine like a champ.
And---I got to watch Private Practice at home, all snuggled up in my bed while everyone else was asleep.

I suppose the day that wouldn't end wasn't totally shot.

And today is Thanksgiving.
I'm at work now.
Tera & Nathan are running the Turkey Trot. I'm not sure about Chris & Leslie. I know Chris likes to run, so maybe he's running too. Anyway---good luck to all of them!

After work, it's over to the In-Laws', provided Gage is feeling well. If not, we'll just keep it low key at the casa, and hopefully watch "Christmas Vacation" tonight to kick off the holiday season.

And tomorrow, there shall be shopping. Sweet, glorious shopping.
If you need me, I'll be up at 4am. Feel free to call.

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At 7:59 AM , Blogger Laura said...

Sending you lots and lots of hugs. WOW - what a crazy,terrible couple of days.

Hope you rebound and hope little Gage feels better soon.

At 8:24 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

I should have known you would be one of those nuts up shopping at 4am.

I am so sorry he is sick. I hope he feels better for Turkey day. You day sounded so long that I wore out by the end of the post.

At 10:14 AM , Blogger kim-d said...

Awww, poor Gage--and then to get hives on top of the original sickness. What a trooper he is!

And YOU--damn, girl, you know how to do it up good, don't you? I HATE car problems...HATE THEM! At least your hub and friends/neighbors came through for you to make it a little less craptastic.

I hope Gage gets better quicker than quick, and you're able to enjoy turkey day!

At 10:16 AM , Blogger Kate said...

What a rotten few days you just had, but what an amazing kid, husband, and group of friends you have. I'm glad you've got what you need to get Gage well. My hubby had pneumonia lots as a kid.

I am so looking forward to hearing about tomorrow. I love hearing how you plan and execute it all. It's very impressive.

And for the record, AutoZone does not count as shopping. That place is HELL. ;)

At 10:46 AM , Blogger Pam said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend! We were happy to help yesterday - that's what friends are for! Call us anytime. Hopefully, the next time you have to borrow the X5 - it will be cleaner. I'm sorry about the bird doo all over the windows. : ) Maybe Mark will wash my car today between the football games.

Love you guys! XO

P.S. I hope the little guy is feeling better today. He was such a trooper!

At 10:53 AM , Blogger Mark said...

You forgot to mention John Henry aka your husband broke up over 150 sqft of concrete patio in uhhhhh 45 min.
Oh make sure Damon airs up your tires too. I heard he needs more on his "honey-do" list

At 5:20 PM , Blogger Reason to Rejoice! said...

Man, you didn't sound frazzled on the phone at all last night. I am better...went to the Cowboy game...TOTAL and COMPLETE best time!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

At 6:39 PM , Blogger Chris H said...

Well done on surviving such a shitty day! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner... SOMEWHERE!

At 8:52 PM , Blogger Cristina Mathers said...

what a crummy day! i hope your thanksgiving was good, and that your boy is getting better!

At 5:45 AM , Blogger Robin said...

So sorry Gage is sick! I hope he feels better!
Happy...late Thanksgiving!
Hope your shopping goes well...wish I could go along! (I love to shop too)

At 9:04 PM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds awful, you have an amazing attitude. I hope he is completely well soon. Hope you had a good thanksgiving.


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