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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Movie Reviews....

Shoot Em Up
starring....Clive Owen.
# of men suffering a violent death by a carrot: 2
# of lactating hookers: 1
# of stupid cliches written into the story line at god-awful times: countless.
# of times I commented about my concern for the baby: countless.
# of times Hubby reminded me "It's just a movie": countless.
I can say---this is the worst movie I have ever seen in its entirety.
Why did I continue to watch? There's this soft part of me that wanted to see that the baby was okay in the end. EVEN THOUGH I know, it was just a movie, & for a large portion of the movie, Clive Owen isn't even carrying around a real baby.
Topping the charts for worst scene: the love scene where the lactating hooker climaxes as Clive Owen is is both screwing her & shooting a room full of bad guys. And to top it all off, when he's done he says, "Talk About Shooting Your Load."
The writers, directors, and all participants ought to be so very embarrassed.

Made of Honor
...starring Patrick Dempsey.
Typical chick flick.
best scene: when Patrick Dempsey's dad gets married for the 6th time, and the tune as she walks down the aisle is "GoldDigger" by Kanye West. Oh, I laughed my fanny off at that.

Get Smart
...starring Anne Hathaway & Steve Carell
somewhat entertaining, but Hubby & I both agree that we were just expecting a bit more. I dunno...maybe our expectations were just too high.

The Happening
I didn't actually watch this. I don't like any movies that deal with the end of the world, and I was afraid that this movie was about that. Hubby said that they wanted you to believe that...but then it wasn't about that....and I'm trying not to give too much away here. Hubby's review was that it was just a big letdown. He says "Skip It."



At 8:50 AM , Blogger Laura said...

WOW - thanks for helping me not waste my money!!!

We saw Changeling last weekend - it was GREAT!

At 9:30 AM , Blogger Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

Clive Owen has him some talent. Why, oh why does he do awful films?

I might have to watch it just to see that sex scene because a lactating hooker? For real? Ha!

At 5:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HATED Shoot Em Up. Stephen rented it and made me watch it. My basic reaction at the end was "what the hell was that?" Terrible. ~Megan

At 11:08 PM , Blogger Cristina Mathers said...

shoot em up was a close second to winning worst movie ever, but Norbit beat it.

At 11:49 PM , Anonymous devilish southern belle said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Shoot 'Em Up. I know not to watch it now. I may give Made of Honor a chance, though.


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