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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random Things About Me... know, because it's been a while...

1. I've pulled a gun on a stranger. I'm not afraid to do it. I don't give a sh*t who you are: If you don't know me---you have no business ringing my doorbell @ 9 o'clock at night.
2. When I burn candles in my home, it makes me feel like my home is cleaner.
3. I have no problem doing laundry...I just don't like to finish the job. folding clothes & putting them away sucks big time.
4. I prefer for cleaners to come in disposable wipes. Not eco-friendly, I agree...but, I love the convenience. I just don't buy them that often because I feel guilty for throwing that stuff away. So, while I love the convenience---I don't PRIMARILY clean that way.
5. I love coffee.
6. Watching "The Biggest Loser" makes me hungry. Seriously....I don't know what it is about this show that makes me want to cram my face full of shit food---but it does that to me!
7. Today for lunch & breakfast I've had coffee & pretzels. (that seems healthy, right?)
8. I cleaned out the couch. You know---like under the cushions & stuff. I just paid myself a whopping....$1.16 for doing it. In my world: whoever does the laundry, keeps the cash that's left in pockets. Whoever cleans under the couch cushions keeps the prizes found within the couch!
9. I heart Y&R. I record it 5 days/week & catch up on the happenings in Genoa City on my days off. (shhh....don't tell everyone!)
10. We still own a ton of VHS tapes. We or two VCRs too. We just...don't ever use them.



At 6:34 PM , Blogger Misguided Mommy said...

dude 1-6 i totally agree with...ive never shown my gun to the stranger but it was always there

At 6:42 PM , Blogger Sylvia C. said...

What a great post for a first time visitor.

Very interesting stuff!

happy 08!

Sylvia C.

At 10:47 PM , Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I hate hanging and folding laundry too.

At 11:45 PM , Blogger Kat said...

Just remind me not to ring your doorbell at night :).
I hate the laundry folding too though I do enjoy putting them in the washing mashine or dryer or hang them up.

At 4:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I feel the same way about burning candles. and the way i love coffee borders on a total addiction. okay, forget the "borders on". i am addicted and could not function without it. whew. glad to have that out there. :)

Have a great day, girl!

At 5:49 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Obviously I agree with the laundry item. I'm also a fan of the clorox wipes and Y&R; actually all of the CBS soaps ( has good recaps!). But I must say, I'm not a coffee the smell, but not the taste!

At 7:24 AM , Blogger zirelda said...

I love coffee too but not daytime tv. :)

At 10:21 AM , Blogger Talia said...

Happy Belated Holidays to you too!

Just so you don't feel so odd: I watch The Biggest Loser every week (have the dvr set) and I ALWAYS watch it while I am eating a big plate of food! I actually wait till my dinner is ready, and sit down in front of the tv to watch them work out while I stuff my face.


At 10:54 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I love Y&R too!!! I met "Nick Newman" one time and he. is. HOT!!! OMG! Even better in person than on tv.

I hate laundry...and dishes...and mopping...and just about everything else that has to do with cleaning!!

At 5:54 PM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

I love those cleaning wipes too. But I do worry that I'll get confused and try to use one on Little Elvis. I'm usually double checking myself before I wipe him down after a meal.

At 9:09 PM , Blogger Mojavi said...

a long time ago I bought all the disney movies in anticipation of having a child.... I am sooo not going abck and buying them all in dvd now.. Also I get all the sesame street videos at goodwill for 1.00 and since they are vhs I let Kya play with them... SHe is however not allowed to touch her dvd's because they will def... get scratched.

At 8:32 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

I used to be a Y&R fan but am so lost now i could never catch up.

At 9:12 PM , Blogger Pokey Puppy said...

Okay I know you posted this a while ago and have to be going.. good god woman would you just read my blog daily so i dont have like fifteen comments from you in one day!! lol.. but number 6... It makes me totally want to work out... then I look down and notice I am pigging out too.. WHATS UP WITH THAT!! I love when people do these posts!


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