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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Let Them Eat Cake!"

So, have I posted much about what a wonderful cake maker my mom is?

Well, she is.

She makes FABULOUS cakes.

Went to her house this past weekend....there was a Valentine's Cake for us, and a...another cake that I can't quite remember the name, but I think she said a Pecan Pie Cake, or Pecan Creme Cake...I dunno. It was beautiful though!

(How cute is that cake? was favorite!)

And here's something else. The cake plate from the strawberry cake...well, she bought it as a gift for someone else...but liked it so much she decided to keep it. How bad is that???!!! Um...I'm guilty of that too.
And, I can't blame her. It's a cute little cake plate & you can change out the ribbon for a variety of occasions....



At 6:39 PM , Blogger Momz the word said...

Oh that strawberry cake looks so good.

I love cake.

Mmmmm....cake...I have to go get groceries now.

At 6:01 PM , Blogger Nanny Louise said...

oh my goodness, can you please post the resipe for the pecan cake. yummo!


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