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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So Much to Say, So Much to Say... last night was the season premiere of Gilmore Girls.
I missed it. Didnt PVR it. I was in class...

I was in class, turning in the most BORING paper ever for my Research I class.

Dad accepted a full-time position with the Marriott, so he will be retiring from Delta & moving to Houston. I believe his start date is in the beginning of October, so this is all about to happen pretty quickly. He's ready to leave Delta behind, so it'll hopefully be good.
He went to Houston yesterday & found an apartment he likes. The apartment complex has ELEVEN pools, a fitness center with trainers, etc. Sounds like fun!

I got an mp3 player last year at Christmas. Just yesterday I tried to upload songs, but it's not compatible with napster, etc.etc. What a whooping. I just gave up.

I have no class tonight. Thank goodness. I have class tomorrow night though, and we're working on a group project for behavior modification, and I have to prepare a little "bit" on the history of behavior modification (Pavlov, Skinner, etc.) Need to get on that...

I have a wedding this Saturday. Sarah, the girl I share my office with, is getting married. What to wear? What to wear? What will the weather be like??? I want a new dress. Something to feel SASSY in.

Oh, speaking of weddings & dresses....Megan bought her wedding dress on Saturday! Cant wait to see it. And, I picked out my bridesmaid dress....
This is the's called the "Coco" & mine will be black with a black sash.

Took my measurements for the dress....34-29-36. Everytime I hear measurements like that, my brain immediately references "36-24-36" from that song, "Baby Got Back".
Um...for that I will need to increase my bust & decrease my waist!

Got a raise. Well, it will go into effect in October, but I'm excited about that...I got 5.5%. Not bad at all!

Gage's squeaky shoes are in. I was in class last night though, so I have not tried them on him yet. I'm sure they are going to be awesome.

My friend, Jolene, is PG with twins---twin girls, fraternal. Well, yesterday, for the very first time she felt a distinct "kick". We were all in a meeting yesterday afternoon, and then it happened. It was so cute!

Speaking of babies...Julie & Ben (Susan's little sister...well, she's 5'9" & pregnant, so she's not so "little"...I should say, Susan's younger sister & her husband) are having a girl. Little Caroline Bliss is growing, growing!

Last Friday, had to take Eddie-Spaghetti to the vet. He's having a difficult time in the restroom department. Vet suggests that it is likely due to aging. I had to switch him to light dog food, and now feed him a 1/2 can of pumpkin 2x/day. I thought at first that Eddie would not eat the pumpkin--but I was wrong. He's totally down with it. Yums it up. The issues have not completely resolved themselves, but we're working on it.

Won't be at work on Friday. Linda-lou is going out of town, so I have no childcare that day. No biggie---I have Gage's 1 year pedi appt. that day too, so poor thing will have to go w/ Mommy & get shots. (sniff*sniff)

Topic: new car.
There has been much discussion in my household about me getting a new car. Currently, I have mixed emotions on that for a variety of reasons. I will discuss a few...(1)Cost. My car will be paid off very soon. I look forward to a period of time with absolutely no car payments. A time where I will be financially responsible for fuel, maintenance, registration, inspection, and insurance only. (2) Emotional attachment. I have only had 2 cars in my life: my first car, the convertible...& now this one. When my first car was totaled & towed away, I stood there & just cried & cried about losing my car---even though I knew I was getting a new car. So many memories from that car.... And now, this car. This is the car we were in to bring Gage home the hospital. So many memories with this car.
So...I don't know what's going to happen in the near future w/ regard to the purchase of a new car for me.... we'll see.

Can we talk Desperate Housewives?
Marcia Cross is pregnant, but I heard that they are not going to work it into the story line. But--in the show--her character---getting all entangled with psycho-dentist guy??? Let's think back...she met the dentist while he was "visiting" someone in the mental facility while she was there as a patient. Here's a theory: maybe he didnt kill his wife--maybe nobody has heard from her b/c she's in the mental facility....hmmmmm...just a theory.

And now it's time for....
...Random Things About Me!

1. I'm a social worker.
2. I have a dog & a cat.
3. My toenails are painted red.
4. My fave flip-flops (at the moment) came from Old Navy.
5. My hair is naturally curly.
6. My favorite swimsuit ever is my yellow bikini (which I admit is WORN OUT!)
7. Right now, my car is filthy, inside & out.
8. I havent gone for a manicure in over a month.
9. Calla Lillies are my favorite flower.
10. I ate a Rice Krispy treat last night.
11. My toothbrush is pink, orange, & white.
12. My 2 favorite hair products are "Smooth & Seal" by Straight Sexy Hair, and "Super Skinny Serum" by Paul Mitchell.
13. I love mimosas.
14. I still have my baby blanket from when I was younger.
15. I've collected Christmas ornaments fro years & from all over the world.
16. I suck at reading maps.
17. I've only owned 2 cars ever.
18. I'm kind of PMSy right now.
19. I miss Cafe du Monde beignets.
20. My kitchen had turquoise carpet when we first bought our home.

Okay, that's plenty of stuff for now.


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