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Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Shoes.

Gage loves new shoes.

Now, many of you are probably thinking, "No, it's Mommy who loves for Gage to have new shoes"...or "It's Mommy who loves new shoes in general."
Well, both of those may also be true...but really, my child loves new shoes.

I took him to Northpark Mall, where we purchase 2 pairs of Converse All Stars tennis shoes--low tops.
He was so proud when people would look at his shoes. He'd bounce his little feet when passers-by were...well, passing by.
And--there he was, securely harnessed in his stroller w/ the 5-point harness that I'm sure is also the same one used in bungee-jumping contraptions...but I digress.
So, there he is in his little stroller w/ the little tray-table thing in front...he would lift his feet up & hold them out straight so that he could see his shoes over the tray-table.

So proud of his new little kicks...

Well....look what Mommy just bought for Baby Gage!


You may be thinking, "Oh, look, a pair of brown kid shoes."
Well...these squeak every time he takes a step! I'm so excited.

I'm either going to adore them, or require lots & lots of booze & pills to put up with them!

(...I'm just kidding about the booze & pills by the way....I'd never mix the two--I'd do one or the other!........okay...again, just kidding!)


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