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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Getting Ready for the Big ONE! we're getting ready for Gage's b-day party...

Here's the firetruck & firestation for the cake....'s a little "ONE" t-shirt that he may or may not wear at his party. Depending on the weather...and the shirt is long we'll see.

And...we did TONS of yardwork!

Can you believe it's pumpkin time already???

This is one of my little yard dragonflies. Love it. I got 4 dragonflies & one butterfly.

Here we are...striking a pose. So sweaty & gross after busting our butts on Saturday!
In the end, we planted: 49 mums, 4 petunias, 4 ferns, 3 bushes, and 2 other bushy things. Plus, we mulched. We still have some mulching to do...but we got a TON accomplished.

AAAANNNDDD....remember how I got Gage a firetruck, and I couldn't wait for his birthday to give it to him???
Well, I got a license plate for it, and went to HD (Home Depot) to get some zip-ties to properly affix his little license plate.
It's so cute!

What a stud!

I can't wait for his birthday, and I can't wait to see his little birthday cake!
I hope he's in a good mood that day.
I hope he's not overwhelmed by people.
I hope he enjoys opening gifts.
I just can't wait!

Welcome to parenthood: you get more excited about your kid's birthday than your own.


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