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Friday, September 15, 2006

Why I was late...

So, I've pretty much worn out the ol' "I was late because of traffic."
And, it's not fair.
It's always true when I say it.
I have a long way to travel to get to work.

I wake up in Dallas, drive to Rockwall, and then turn around & drive to Arlington.
It's a long way.
I travel the freeways with many other drivers, and frequently there are travel delays. Yes, I can prepare for them, but never really know how much extra time to throw in there for travel/delay purposes.

So, the other morning, I'm leaving Rockwall...get into Garland...and there's an accident on the service road.
We all narrow our travelling into one lane. When I was 2nd in line to get through, a cop comes over & tells me & the lady in front of me that Careflite is going to land on the freeway, so it's going to be shut down completely--for a while.
too late to back up.
too late to catch the last exit prior to this point.
Nothing to do but sit & wait.
So I took a picture to show my boss....."I swear, I was in traffic!"

This is my delay.

I'm a big dork for even taking these pictures.
I'm very well aware of that fact.

Here's Careflite coming in to land...

And, for the record...I made it to the hospital for work by 8:04. That's right.
It was wonderful once the freeway opened back up because there were hardly ANY cars!


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