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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Commentary on some randomness...

Well, this blog is being generated out of procrastination.
I am at the library & should be looking for articles for my research proposal, Tuesday. Today's Sunday.

My brain & eyes need a break!

This morning, after a fight of course, I got to sleep in until big 7:30.
Hey---it's MY day.
Well, the day started around 5:30ish when I had to remind someone that yesterday was HIS day to sleep in.
The general rule is that if it is your day to get up early, then you are responsible for all parenting duties from 6 am until the other parent wakes (at their discretion). So, technically, I was responsible for all parenting duties this morning until 6am. Um, at 5:30ish, I changed the rule.
I rounded up to 6 b/c it was after 5:30. It was 5:30-something.

Of course then, I felt kind of guilty, plus I was mad, even though I was very well aware of the fact that I was wrong.

But, I got over it & snoozed until 7:30.

So, here I am admitting my mistakes.

...and now, onto my commentary, which has been lacking in this blog of mine.

The Birthday Party: big hit. Went very well. Will of course be posting pics soon. And that reminds me---for Christmas, I want a new XD thing for my camera so I can hold more pictures! I had to rely on mom's camera, and now I have to go download the pics to a CD so I can upload them.
So, I promise to revisit the birthday party topic, when I can adequately relay the events with corresponding photography.

Big Brother All Stars: yes, I'm aware that this has been over for a while, but I have yet to give my opinion, which is this: Mike Boogie? Are you freakin' kidding me? I so wanted Janelle to win. I can't stand Mike Boogie. But whatever. I don't rule the world.

Grey's Anatomy: Is it me, or does McDreamy not look so dreamy anymore? He's all skinny-scrawny...somebody hand that man a Big Mac. And poor Addison...I just feel bad for her, and yet, I'm still hoping that Meredith & Derek will get together.

Names...there are quite a few names that I dont like. Derek is one of them. (Can you track my train of thought here??? Derek on Grey's Anatomy is McDreamy....yada,yada,yada.)

Dateline, To Catch a Predator: seriously---do these people never learn??? I guess men who are chatting/trying to pick up underage girls/guys are successful more often than not, and think the odds are in their favor for not being caught on that show/by the police. Just the thought of that is sooooooo scary. And, I guess it's that whole way of thinking "It will never happen to me"....typically seen in your teenage population, but I guess with these men too....

Okay. I've got to get to work on my school stuff now.

Must not procrastinate.
Must not procrastinate.
Must not procrastinate....


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