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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Crap Morning.

So far's been a crap morning.
Up at 5:45.
Did my hair...blow dried it & even curled it to wear down. woohoo.
Baby woke up. Fussy...mommy-clingy, dad just could NOT make him happy.
So, there I am, holding a baby, trying to shimmy into my pants. Fun stuff.
Drive to Rockwall.
Turn around, hop on the highway to go to Arlington.
Um....I was an hour late to work b/c a tractor-trailer carrying a load of tile overturned on a highway intersecting with the one I was traveling on, and oil/fuel spilled...along with tile...the highway was shut down. Oh, it was such a frustrating mess!

So, here I am at work, and I've already pulled my hair up b/c there's something going on with me...I'm hotter than hot! Like my whole body feels flushed or something. Even the palms of my hands feel hot!
And, I have to wear this lab coat around all day, and I feel like I'm on fire.
I need to check my temperature.
I'm hot.


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