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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So, I have been trying for TWO days now to do this tuition reimbursement bullsh*t.
I'm so frustrated.
There is a 120 second time limit per screen that has sensitive information on it...well, the pages are loading so slowly that I keep getting kicked out. I just FINALLY completed the application online...but then, it suddenly said that I was logged out. So---did I actually complete the WHOLE application??? No idea.
So...I decided to call. The first thing the recorder tells me---"Did you know, you can check the status of your application online?"
Um no, f*cktard, I cant. Your crappy program keeps kicking me out.
So then, I put in my secret code numbers...."We have no application on file for you, please hold for an employee service representative."
...and then..."we are experiencing high call volume at this time. please call back at off-peak call times, or try calling tomorrow."

I think they intentionally make it an a$$-whooping so people will give up, miss the deadlines, and just pay their own darn tuition.

This sucks! This sucks!


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