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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello, vodka....

So, some days as a mother are just easier than others. Some days your plans go perfectly.

Other days, your creative or genius ideas kick you in the ass and beat you upside the head.

Like this BRIGHT idea I had:
....oh, she neeeeeds her own little shopping cart.
....she likes to pretend like Mommy, so this will be a great idea. Let's take it with us to the grocery store. What could go wrong?

It was cute for a hot minute. 

 Then she decided she needed ALL of the Fruit Rolls in the produce section.

The above photo shows you---I still thought it was darling, right? There I am, snapping pictures, and "oh, isn't she just divine?" 
Around the floral department things REALLY went down hill.  She just abandoned her cart in the at the end of one aisle and took off running. Oh, did I just leave my purse and cart on aisle 14 to chase a toddler on aisle 15? Yes, yes I did. Did I, like an un-anticipating-this-to-be-a-nightmare-IDIOT get the little cart for myself (you know---the one that DOESN'T have a child seat and is for the "I'm-just-getting-a-few-things shopper)? So there I stood with a screaming, kicking, super-fun toddler back on aisle wherever-I-was, and had no big cart with which to contain her!

The only good news from this whole event:
1) A dear friend/fellow mom came to my rescue after apparently watching my great plan go awry, and got me a big, regular cart while I held my thrashing and screaming toddler, and
2) I learned my lesson.

 ...such a cute idea, right?

Another fun Mommy moment:
Discovering the answer to the "what happened to all of the clothes," and "what's that all over the dryer" questions.
It was a crayola, my friends. A crayola.

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