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Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Park Play?

"Don't you guys do anything but go to the park?"
Ummmm....not if we can help it. Helloooooo. The kids like the park.

So, that was just one random day where I took the kids to the playground at a nearby school. It was actually a "park" per se, but it has a playground, and that's what the kids really like about the park, right???

....and on another day, a friend and I set out to walk (what felt like 100 miles) with our girls to a not-so-near park with a bigger playground.... Sister was set with her shades.

 She's too cool for school.
When we finally got to the playground the girls had a blast.

The downside to going to this playground?
You have to walk back. waaaahhhhh! {It was good for me.....}

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