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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I normally do NOT pay attention to the price of gas. For real. Maybe I should. I just operate by the mentality of "I have to have it, so I pay what it cost." Thank you, dear husband, for being the fiscally minded half of our partnership.

For the average conversation about the price of gas---I'd be out. $3 a gallon? $5 a gallon? Idk....But on THIS particular day---my eyes were WIDE FREAKING OPEN. What????? Less than a dollar a gallon? This chick took a pic! I used my fuel reward points at the gas station and it paid off.
 Now, my car cost less than Sister's to fill up, and hers runs on goldfish!

I may not know much about the price of gas on a daily basis, but I'm quite familiar with the cost of goldfish.



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