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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our dinner, his dinner.

Gage is a big fan of the divided plate. As am I. I don't like for my food to touch unless they are things in my mind that go together. Some people just pile up a plate of this, that, & the other. Me? Not so much. But in the above photos---you can see: in my mind, the broccoli beef belongs on the rice. So that's okay.

In offering new things to Gage---we split it all up. He has: spring roll, beef, plain rice, rice with soy sauce, and broccoli. Needless to say---he hated the broccoli {because he seems to hate all veggies except green beans}. The soy sauce rice was "okay." That's about it. I think he had about 2-3 bites of the steamed rice. Everything else: he tried and didn't like it. He liked the spring rolls without the goodies inside. That's a crispy fried treat, eh? Just the fried part. Niiiiiiice.

On the up side: he's trying new things! Whooohooooo!!!!


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