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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garage Sale: That's A Wrap !!!!

Well...the garage sale was...
-made me get dirty
-liberating to be free from a lot of stuff we just don't need any more
-a lot of hard work

I already posted about our grand total of $391.15.

Now let me comment on some of the interesting characters that showed up...

The Lap Dancer: or rather, I thought she said that she was a Lap Dancer. She was every bit of 65, and probably 65 & then some. She was talking to herself, talking to me, talking to everyone. She said, "I know that Elvis is dead, but I still go dancing every Thursday night. I'm a Latin dancer, you know." I thought she said, "Lap Dancer", and then she went on & on about Latin dancing. That's when is clicked...OOOOOH! She bought a size 2 spandex dress although she was shopping for size 12 clothes originally. "Well, it's spandex, so it'll stretch."
Yes lady, it will. But then it will be sheer...good luck with that. Now, where's the dollar you owe me?

Minnie Pearl the Senior Pageant Queen: Well, she happens to be a neighbor of mine, and she apparently impersonates Minnie Pearl as her talent on the Senior Pageant circuit. I got to hear AAALLL about it. Oh, and she's an actress too. She's sure I must have seen her. She was the white haired old lady in that commercial they used to show. .....oh yeah....THAT commercial. Can I have your autograph? She's the one who kept commenting on our water bill b/c I let Gage play in the hose for about 20 minutes while she chatted away. Look---he's been sooooo good all day, and if he lets the hose run on low for 20 minutes & jacks up my water bill, that's really my business. I get it that it's not really the "green" thing to do since he wasn't even watering any plants...but, let's just consider it his little reward. Besides, it was over a hundred degrees, and I was pretty tempted to hose myself down as well. Again, my business.

Mr. Dateline Episode Waiting to Happen: "Hi, I'm Chris Hanson..." No, no, no...Mr.Dateline Episode Waiting to Happen was more Gage's fault than anyone... He wanted to go in the backyard to swing soooooo bad. So, he was randomly announcing to the shoppers "Let's go to the backyard to swing." Mr.Dateline just so happened to be the one man that Gage asked personally to accompany him to the backyard to swing. Um...Mommy said no.

Lip Lady: she kissed my child on the cheek. Granted, he chatted her up during the sale & she ended up buying some kid clothes & the playpen for her grandchild, but it was weird for her to hug & kiss my son when she left. And, what do you say? She was already leaving....

Garage Sale Crashers: The Jehovah's Witnesses. That's right---the garage sales (ours & the neighbors') were crashed by Jehovah's Witnesses. Luckily, the neighbors had some birthday invitations for sale... They weren't interested. Hmmm....the weren't interested in our Christmas decorations that were for sale either. Oh well, to each their own. I'm all for excitement about your own faith, but let's not make the garage sale shoppers uneasy, mmmkay?

That's about it for interesting characters.

One thing about the garage sale that was surprising: things that you didn't expect anyone to give a crap about, those were the first things to go. And, things that you expected to be snatched up right away---they didn't sell. Who doesn't work a working weedeater for $5-$10? It works!!!! I couldn't believe it. Oh well....
And---I read online when researching "garage sale tips" (b/c yes, I'm a nerd like that), that clothes don't usually sell very well at garage sales. Well, they FLEW outta here on Saturday. We made quite a bit of $$ on old clothes! Maybe it was the timing of the sale. Back to school time is coming up maybe that's why they sold so well...

Like I mentioned earlier---Gage was sooooo great during the whole thing. What a good sport. But, when/if we ever do this again---I'll arrange childcare ahead of time. It just would have been easier to not have to keep up with him all day on top of running the garage sale. Have to say this: Leslie, thank you so much for the bag of plastic bugs. Gage was sooooooooooo lovin' those! He played for HOURS on the front porch with those little bugs & frogs!

Hubby was very very very helpful. He was originally anti-garage-sale. But, in the end, he was the Ring Master of the Garage Sale Circus. He was so funny too. He kept getting onto me, "Don't just give it all away!" For example...we had two identical bags. Neither of them were priced. Hubby sold one for $3. A little later, someone asked me the price, and I said 75 cents. Hubby was sooooo much better at doing the price stuff...

When all was said & done, we had about half a dozen boxes of stuff to put by the curb. Luckily we timed the sale at bulk trash pickup time. It was out at the curb for less than 45 minutes before it was all gone. All that sits out there now: some empty cardboard boxes that won't fit in the recycle bin.

We all came in, and Gage was put down for a nap. Hubby showered & went down for a nap. I got into the shower & was sooooo filthy. I felt the need to wash everything twice, and by the time I was out of the shower, I'm pretty sure my legs were giving out from exhaustion!

So....that's a review of the garage sale.
I was sooooooooo tired last night. Dad & Allen popped into town for the weekend, so Dad brought over fried chicken for dinner (KFC, Not Papa's home-made fried chicken), and we were all pretty much useless company. It was awesome that Allen kept Gage occupied for a little while. That was so needed at the time!

I ended the evening with a headache, two Excedrin, and I was asleep before the sun set. Didn't wake up again until this morning. I slept so well!


At 4:24 PM , Blogger ~melinda~ said...

i cannot get enough of other people's yard sales. however-- planning my own is futile. i don't keep enough around to have one, ever. it all goes to goodwill before it clutters up a closet!

well done!

At 4:34 PM , Blogger Jenny said...

you made a good amount of money at your garage sale. that's awesome! i'm still laughing at all the different kinds of people that showed up at your sale. i've had garage sales before and you always get the strangest people. i would have been freaked out if some stranger would have kissed my sweet boy on the cheek. yikes! at my previous sales, the clothes were always the first things to, your research online did not know what they were talking about.

about the pajamas, i bought size 12-18 months because he's such a big boy. i buy everything really big because it all shrinks! drying it all on low helps a little bit.

At 6:28 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

we had a garage sale not too long ago and it is most defnatly exhausting. is nice to make a little extra cash while getting rid of clutter!! So glad yours was such a success!!

At 8:54 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

The Jehovah's Witnesses...I found the best way to run them off. I just tell them were Muslim. They can't get away fast enough. It's great!

At 10:03 PM , Blogger Mojavi said...

i attempted a yardsale before we moved... Got frustrated after the first day and loaded it all up in my car and the minivan and took it ALL to goodwill. lol

People are so weird!

At 8:17 AM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

If I didn't live so far into the boonies, I would have a yard sale. Except hus doesn't like to save anythin and will sometimes even throw out stuff I was planning on keeping!

At 4:06 PM , Blogger Ann(ie) said...

That is some hard work!!! We live in a gated annoying condo complex so it's hard to do one, but it would be GOOD for me to clear out some of my junkity junk cluttering up the garage!

At 8:14 PM , Blogger Raesha D said...

WAY to go on the garage sale! That's awesome...there's one guy in Albuquerque that I see at almost every garage sale I have or that I go to. He's a character, but nothing like your characters!

At 7:17 AM , Blogger Steph said...

There definitely are some interesting characters out there. That is why I love to people watch!

At 7:40 AM , Anonymous Anja said...

Well said.


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