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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

School Stuff...

So...I guess that studying paid off.
Got my test back last night in my Tuesday night class.
Got a 92.
And, one question was thrown out because 100% of the class missed, a 92 was the highest you could make.

That's right.
I rocked it.
I owned it.
I spanked it's ass & sent it to bed early!
What's up?

Anywho...moving on.
I have a "rough draft" for a paper due tomorrow night in my Thursday class.
We have a paper that is worth 70% of our final grade.
Being the little smarty-pants-priss that I can be...I wanted to do it the first week, get it graded, and if I got an A, I fully intended to not return to class. Ultimately, I hoped to end with a C in there, and call it a day. But...Teacher wasn't having it, and they have this "you have to actually GO to class to pass"-policy. So, it wouldn't have worked out anyway....
[hey, that's a Ben Harper lyric..."it wouldn't have worked out anyway...and now it's just another loney day hey-eh..."]

So...that whole "rough draft" thing. Um, I haven't started.
Looks like I'll be having HOMEWORK for dinner... that means I don't get to hang out with my buddy (Baby Gage) too much this evening. That's super-sucky for me.


At 7:06 PM , Blogger Momz the word said...

Congrats on the awesome grade! And sorry that your procrastination on the rough draft has come to bite you in the butt. Get it done!!


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