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Thursday, April 09, 2015


More Spring Break fun?
You betcha!

Well---this is the only pic I have of our trip to the natatorium for open-swim. Was it fun? Sure. For the kids, for a while.

Maybe it's all in the timing---maybe it's just the terrible twos approaching. I don't know.... I just know that Eliette had fun for a while, and then she made a GRAND exit. It was loud, and involved a bunch of flailing. All eyes were on her for a while, and it well deserved. She was putting on QUITE a show. Best thing in the world: that handle on her life jacket.

The whole leaving situation just really casts a shadow over my memories of the whole event. Looking back---yes, it was fun for the kids for a bit, but from this mom's perspective: so not worth it in the end! I was an exhausted mess leaving there after wrestling a toddler out of her wet suit.

Will we try it again? Probably. I'm a glutton for punishment.

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