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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fun in the City.

During Spring Break, Taryn and I met up in the city, and took our kiddos (and a friend) to explore the Perot Museum and Klyde Warren Park.

The Perot Museum: exhausting. Strollers there? Almost impossible.
We saw one floor and that was it. The elevators were super slow and didn't always stop when you needed them to. There were grown women there who have ZERO sense of elevator etiquette. It was a BEATING.
So we left.

The kids actually had a great time playing outside. It was less congested and the kids had more room and opportunity to explore the displays without the big kid competition.

After that, we walked through a drive through ATM, and headed over to Klyde Warren Park. The funny thing about that---we were not the only ones walking through that ATM. Pedestrians dominated that thing.

Lunch and dessert from a food truck? Sure.... But you can bet that you're going to wait in long lines. And, just when the line gets long enough, some security guard will come along, tell the line to shift this way or that, and you'll lose your place in line and it's like 12 new people will show up and be in front of you and your screaming toddler. Good times. Thank goodness Gage is old enough to stand in line by himself and get his food (I could still see him, of course) because we were waiting in long lines. Every truck had a long line. I can't imagine having to wait in line for one and then another.... These next few pics---that's E eating some of Gage's snow cone. {Thanks for sharing, Brother!}

After we ate, the kiddos played on the playground. We weren't prepared for the wet play area....but we will be next time!

In the end, E was exhausted and well beyond her usual nap time. It was time to go.

Gage was SUCH a help that day. Big Brother in the city....

Wasn't the best of days with the long lines and everything in the world testing my patience. I can own the fact that I didn't have the best of patience that day. The next outing down there will hopefully be better. I'll certainly work on my own attitude before we head out back to the Perot. I *hear* it's wonderful. So far, I haven't been able to see that for the crowds....

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