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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter Afternoon....

After a busy Easter morning, we loaded up and headed to Mema's house. Mema lives about an hour or so away from us, and Darnin and her sisters (my aunts) all take turns being there to help care for Mema.


I was THRILLED to dress Eliette in her outfit made by Aunt Marty. Love it, love it, love it! I have to say though, she looks like a little Cabbage Patch doll to me!

 We had another egg hunt, which was fun. Daddy helped E, and Gage hunted with "Baby Lane," one of his second cousins. (Some older cousins hid the eggs for them.)

It was all fun & games until:
Seriously, that picture cracks me up every time. She was fine. I happened to be standing on the back patio, and snapped the shot at just the right (or wrong) time. Again---she was fine.

The egg hunters:

This picture of Big Ol' Daddy with his teeny-tiny basket cracks me up too.

It was a pretty quick visit to Mema's house. She wasn't feeling it with a house full of visitors that day... And it wasn't nearly the whole family, by any means... Just a few of us there.

We ate a bit, hunted eggs, visited some, and came home.

I can't fail to mention that my son would barely eat ANYTHING! Picky McPickerson!

Watch out, or Darnin will get your macaroni! {And by that, I mean your TWO macaroni noodles. Ugh. Kids.}

It was a good day...

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