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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Truth: I haven't cleaned out my closet...

The truth is: I haven't REALLY cleaned out my closet and purged in 3 years. Actually, it will be 4 years this Spring.

Because I'm lazy.
Because I'm convinced that I'll get down to a size 2 again.
Because I'm convinced that I'll need the bigger sizes too, in case I get pregnant again.
Because I'm certain THAT will come back into style.
Because I have a memory in that dress.
Because this other dress used to be my favorite.
Because my husband gave me this top and he picked it out himself.
Because I look good in this color.
Because I wore that to their wedding.
Because I wore that to his funeral.
Because I will get around to sewing on that button.
Because once I get these hemmed, they'll fit just right.
Because although I've never worn that, it was a great deal.
Because I haven't worn this either, but I"m waiting to find the right pants to go with it.

Just because, okay?
I haven't cleaned out my closet because I don't want to!



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