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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Zoo Trips with Friends.

Oh, how we love the Dallas Zoo!

One day while Brother was in school, Eliette and I met up with some friends at Starbucks, and followed each other to the zoo.... The zoo trip started with a carousel ride.

Shortly thereafter, Sister let me know that strollers are so.last.year, and she would only be traveling by wagon. {That meant that mommy was pushing a stroller full of bags while E rode in the wagon with S.}

Other pics from the zoo....
Here's J man in the Jeep:
 Oh, the giraffes were E's favorite!

At some point we stopped for lunch.
I think that was actually before the giraffes.... It wasn't long after that before we went to the store to get our souvenirs. E chose a lovely stuffed giraffe. J & S both got bubble guns, I believe. Then we all headed over to the kids area. Oh, the kids area!It's always a blast.

These next pics were taken by a friend, and I fear this is a preview of the teen years.... funny. She cracks me up. But, at some point in there, Eliette cut her little foot.
First Aid was just right there by the kids area, so they hooked us up with a bandaid and we were on our way. We quickly changed into dry clothes, and hit the carousel one.last.time on our way out.

This girl was very.very.very tired.

She was awake for the stroller ride to the car.
She was awake as we were getting out of the zoo parking lot.
She was asleep before we entered the service road out of the zoo parking lot.
Sweet girl....

It was a GREAT day, and we can't wait to do it again!
....and she's hoping to get her own chariot wagon for her birthday.

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